Thanks Dianna And no, I didn't cold treat the seeds since the directions on the packet didn't mention it – which means they probably are old enough that they wouldn't need it to break dormancy. Compact varieties grow happily in containers, but require a coarse potting mix that doesn't stay soggy, and you will need to … Keep the compost moist and after a couple of weeks begin checking the drainage hole for signs of roots. I sprouted some two years ago from seed and they did the same thing. Lavender (Lavandula spp.) I'm not brave enough to sacrifice my babied lavender yet. TWENTY FIVE amazing and fun crafts and recipes. Keeping this in mind, only water your lavender plant when the top 1 inch (2.5 cm) of the soil is dry. Create a hedge of â ¦ Note: Harvest the herb before it starts to flower. Hard to say how the plant will fare — it’s all dependent on how chopped it is. Sometimes I even rinsed the stalks in running water when it seemed like weird things were starting to grow on the stalks. See more on growing cilantro. When they’re in bloom they’ll draw bees and other insects from far and wide. Please also keep track of which end was the top end and which was the bottom. What You’ll Learn. Take cuttings that are several inches long. Good info. Garden Care. However, the internet is riddled with many ways to propagate plants and the best one is root cuttings in water. I'm wondering if you could tell me, how closely you plant the Lavender seedlings in pots? What to do with lavender cuttings. Garden Care . But try to space them apart far enough so they don’t touch each other. Do you dip the end in honey just as you would root hormones? Quick facts. How to propagate lavender from this years new growth, this method will work for all types of lavender and rosemary too, it's an easy way of increasing your stock and making gifts to swap or to give to friends.There are 2 links added at the bottom from which show you how to grow and harvest your lavender when it has established. planted in it, don’t seem to need alot of water or watering once established. Lavender that I’ve planted to grow into a low hedge, Propagating your own plants from cuttings is a rewarding experience. Try to restrain yourself though because growing from seed will save you so much and is really very easy. Read on to learn more. I just learned and practiced this for the first time today, so it was really great to read more about the principles that we were using. What a wonderful street to live on…the smell must have been amazing!You should try again with your cuttings Pat – second or third times a try , I too love lavender and have been investigating all the different types after hearing about a lavender garden on GQT/Radio 4. This older stem is called ripe wood and will readily grow roots providing that you cut it in the right place and apply a rooting hormone. Cooking with Lavender. The seeds sprouted after 4 days, and growth was quite fast in the first week. Yes. There are a few different ways you can propagate lavender plants, our favourite three are: by rooting the stems in the soil, by rooting the cuttings in water; or by collecting lavender seeds from your garden How do you keep mold from growing in water propagation? I dont believe that is very fragrant. While indoors, place the pot in a south-facing window with as much light as possible. Fortunately, there’s a way to create your own lavender plants for practically nothing. Using that same knife trim all but the top bunch of leaves from the stem. Water as often as you notice the soil becomes very dry. How to Grow Lavender from Cuttings. This whole process only took about a month. Propagate lavender. Be aware that not all cultivars will come true when you propagate by seed. Simply tent the bag over the top, making sure it doesn’t touch any part of the cuttings. All Growing Seeds Pest Control Pruning Soil Watering. Firm cuttings into mix with your fingers and water. Hi, I just sowed some lavender seeds about 2 weeks ago. Propagating Mona Lavender. Everything you need to know about choosing the right lavender for you. – After about 4 weeks (sometimes even sooner), the roots should appear and the plant is ready to be moved either in the ground or in the larger pot. Follow the same method for clipping and preparing lavender stems, leaving a few inches at the bottom of the stem. Use a pencil or small dibber to make a hole in the compost just at the edge of the pot. Mine in the garden is so prolific though I have never had to do this. This is optional, but it’s likely to help your lavender … If you use ordinary compost with no added drainage material then it can tend to be too wet for the cuttings to thrive. Yes, I would definitely recommend waiting until next year to try propagating your lavender cuttings. I am just planting lavender again. As you can see, some cuttings have failed, but that is part of the process. If you’re using small pots to propagate lavender cuttings in, you may need to gently up-end it. Instructions on how to propagate lavender from cuttings. You’ll walk into a gardening centre and spot the most lush vegetable plug plants that would look amazing growing in your new garden. I guess it's too late to propagate now but now that I know how, I'll be sure to do this next spring. Below I will walk you through the steps for propagating lavender in soil, and also in water. Water every day if very hot but don't drench the soil; aim for moist, not wet, soil or … If you don’t grow Lavender, you are going to want to, here are 25 crafty reasons you need to grow Lavender! Fill a pot with free-draining compost such as two parts ordinary compost mixed with one part perlite or grit. If you have acidic clay soil, you should consider working garden lime and grit into the planting site the autumn before. Other reasons it might not be doing well is that lavender needs full sun and plenty of drainage – does your pot have gravel in it's bottom (an inch or two will do) and have plenty of holes at the base for water to drain out? Look how they are grown. If you take cuttings too late in the summer, or in the fall when the plant is starting to go dormant for the winter, they may not root. Another method of propagating lavender plants is layering, which is the best choice if you’re looking for a low-effort way of increasing your lavender plants. That will make it more sturdy, and looks nice too. As autumn is upon us and winter won’t be far behind, if I take my cuttings now, will they be okay to keep inside until spring planting in late May? My brand new book Vertical Vegetables is now available for purchase!! Designed by, Can You Propagate Lavender Cuttings in Water, Once you have your cuttings clippings or leaves you. Propagating lavender from cuttings is a very simple process. Required fields are marked *, Lovely Greens Guide to Natural Soapmaking, « Easy & Delicious Blackcurrant Liqueur Recipe, How to Save Tomato Seeds without Fermenting ». The steps are different for each, but not complicated. Early on in the spring some of the new green growth might be a bit short but you can also use older wood that the new leaves are growing from. 23 2 minutes read. The Royal Horticultural Society is the UK’s leading gardening charity. If you love lavender, come to Sequim, Washington. If it’s too hot or the light too direct your cuttings can wilt and suffer. Propagate herbs. Planting. That way, you’ll feel confident that there’s plenty of energy for the cuttings to form strong roots. Thank you, Arthur. The one book I own is called Propagating Plants from the Royal Horticultural Society. It will be easiest to use a propagator, or cover your cuttings with a plastic bag if you put them in a pot. It’s not very expensive to buy, and easy to find at any garden center. Plant Propagation. If given good nutrients in the soil, sun, heat, more sun and the odd water at night (allowed to dry well between waterings) it will love you back! Not to knock root hormone but honey works just as well!!! Hobby gardeners then have to prune their lavender anyway and thus have no problem getting the necessary propagation material. It was just held 2 weeks ago, but plan on next year. I want them to line the box hedge in my front garden eventually but currently they are so small – when can I plant them out and do I keep them in the little plastic containers they arrived it until then? Rooting hormone helps them root faster, and gives you a better chance of success! This easy-to-grow shrub thrives in a sunny spot, in free-draining soil or a container. The project doesn’t require any special equipment, and it’s easy enough for a beginner. of other people will omit your great writing because of this problem. See what this means in the above photo. Rooting Hormone helps stem cuttings to form their own root systems. but then in spring they seemed to take off. Your email address will not be published. Propagating plants is fun and addicting! Each stem you remove should have 3-5 leaf nodes, but still have several inches of growth at the top. A friend actually dug her lavender up an divided like any other perennial. We live on the side of a mountain (Mt. I always have lavender around my house and in with my woolen yarn stash. Lavender prefers free-draining soil that has a neutral to alkaline pH. How To Grow Lavender Outdoors. They sell everything lavender, culinary included. A cutting with a flower on it is probably not going to root, because it will waste all its energy on bud formation. The new baby lavender plants are ready for the garden. You can take lavender cuttings in spring or autumn before flowering. Thank you! Photo by Lorna Kring. I agree Elaine…it's such a fantastic shrub , Another fan of lavender here I have some bushes outside the kitchen door so the fragrance can waft in. Propagation soil in a pot and ready to go. I put a lavender plant in last year and it did alright but it's not here now. Create a hedge of this sweet smelling, pollinator loved plant on a budget. I'm planting a hedge of lavender at the allotment and at home . Propagation in spring has the advantage that you do not have to overwinter the plants. If you plan to keep the plant in a pot for more than two or three weeks, transplant it into a larger pot with regular potting soil that drains freely. Though if you're collecting fresh seeds, it would probably be a good idea to stratify them if you want to sow them right away. Step 6 – How long do lavender cuttings take to root? Works for all types of lavender and cuttings from new or semi-hard wood. It has everything you need to get started using basic propagation methods to propagate any plant that you want! I water them daily just enough to keep them moist and they get sunlight everyday too. A step-by-step guide to propagating lavender Step 1 Choose non-flowering shoots that have a woody base but a soft, green tip. There is a problem along with your site in web explorer, may check this? Get involved. My first try had white fuzz on the end of the cutting after being in water for a week and a half… I’ve tried before in soil and failed, I think due to the mix I used but I’m trying again with water. IE nonetheless is the marketplace chief and a large component How to Propagate Lavender From Cuttings All Steps Step 1: Taking Cuttings. There are a few things you need to look for before you take cuttings from your lavender plants…. Taking lavender cuttings without a greenhouse. This breathe-ability creates better conditions for rooting and can also reduce the chance of fungal attacks. A clear drinks bottle with the bottom cut off will work too. Thanks for the article. If you’re using small pots to propagate lavender cuttings in, you may need to gently up-end it. I've got a lovely bobbly line growing along the path in Step 6 Put the pots in a warm, shaded place. I live in Los Angeles County, CA and I believe it is zone 9 and it is early April. I grow a lot of lavender this way for our farm,( I think this post is how I first found you!) Lol.but I have found new off spring coming up near them and replanted those. Potting up happens after both roots are visible from the drainage hole and new leaves are beginning to form. Lavender cuttings are the means to propagate Lavender and you will have the joy of knowing that what you â ¦ Why not grow too many plants? Ideally you should take cuttings of branches that haven’t flowered yet. I didn't take care of my old one – hence, its demise this year. Otherwise, tent a plastic bag over the entire pot to help provide extra humidity around the cuttings. Here’s how to propagate lavender in water…. Step 1: Put decorative rock in bottom of vase (optional) – I like to put an inch or so of decorative rock into the bottom of my vase. Plant them up to the same place they were in the propagating pot. Softwood cuttings are taken from the soft, pliable tips of new growth. Mine died this year and just bought a healthy pot for me to plant. Growing Lavender from cuttings is the only way to reproduce some types of Lavender.There are those Lavender plants that do not produce seeds and those that do, often don't produce offspring that are anywhere similar to the parent plant. It’s also best to take cuttings from a mature lavender plant rather than one that’s brand new or immature. Honestly, growing them from seeds takes forever and I’m feeling hopeless. Follow the steps in the section above called “Rooting Lavender Cuttings In Water” to learn exactly how to do it. I live in Florida and learned how to propagate rosemary in March and April. Buying a few decent sized lavender plants will set you back a fair amount though. Make more lavender plants for free! Did it smell like sage? May 28, 2020 - Explore Suzana Kis's board "How to propagate lavender" on Pinterest. What books on propagating do you recommend? If it’s planted upside down, the cutting won’t take. We had a research period prior to the start of the lavender farm and one thing was made clear to us right off the bat… starting from seed is not the way to go. Hardwood is thicker than softwood and resists bending. I started a big batch from seeds and the seedlings are now growing along fine. Not only do you get more plants but it is just plain fun to grow more for free. Can Lavender Grow Without Rooting Hormones?. It’s great for propergation… Here are more ideas for creating your own plants for free, Do you have to poke holes in the plastic bag for the green house effect? We have a festival every year where you tour lavender fields. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees through links to 25 Crafty Reasons You Need to Grow Lavender. A glass or plastic cloche placed over the container will also work. Starting from the top, use a very sharp knife cut 4-6″ long sections just below a leaf node. Propagating lavender is the easiest way to add to your stock of plants, and the most reliable as growing lavender from seed is notoriously difficult. Place your pots in a warm place with diffused or partial sunlight. Plant Propagation. WHAT IS PLANT PROPAGATION (As Well As HOW TO START). Mine were small for the first year. Just make sure you keep them watered and cover to keep from freezing if you are in a zone that gets below freezing temps. Preparing Lavender Cuttings For Propagation, Tips For Transplanting Rooted Lavender Cuttings. Propagation by rooting is the process of taking a cutting from a parent plant and causing it to set down roots, thereby creating an exact clone of the parent plant. Here’s my tutorial on how to take one lavender plant and propagate dozens of new plants from it. Though some people don’t use it, I like to use a substance to help stimulate the cutting to grow roots. Don’t let them dry out or shrivel before you try propagating them. Also make sure that your soil and pot has good drainage so that it dries out a couple of times each week. You'll want to move your plantlings into larger pots to grow on for a bit before planting them out in their final positions. BUT there is a downside! Regarding pruning: only cut new wood when pruning. I grow all types of lavender. Any advice is appreciated. When selecting your cutting, look for a stem that has both old and new growth, cutting it near the bottom of the plant. For general use, my ratio is 4 parts peat moss, 4 parts perlite, 1 part vermiculate. Once rooting has started (usually after four to six weeks), cut the corner of the bag to increase ventilation. Place in hole. Plus you can share it with your friends and family too! Your email address will not be published. Clever idea . It’s a non-obtrusive method of propagation and you can use it every year to increase your plants. Does lavender usually come back the next year or do you have to re plant every year? In this case I used an organic garden soil mix. I only change my water weekly, and it's outside on my balcony in the hot, humid summer weather in New Orleans but not in direct sunlight. More nutrient rich compost comes into play when you have the root systems established. I’ll save the seed starting post for another day. Place the cut ends of the roses making sure the ends are in water. Hello all. You can also subscribe without commenting. HOW TO PROPAGATE LAVENDER PLANTS FROM CUTTINGS. There is something incredible that satisfies us about watching baby plants row up to be mature and strong plants. Each sprig of soft-wood can either be left on the shrub to increase its own size or it can be taken off and used to root a brand new plant. Don’t let them dry out or shrivel before you try propagating them. Propagating lavender in water is even easier than using soil. The winter was brutal and I didn't cut them back – was scared to touch it – and the couple of main barks that survived eventually dried out. Water sparingly, as the plant will be dormant at this time. Horticulturalists are breeding ever-tougher lavender plants, so that may change. Thanks for the great read, You’re welcome Natasha and best of luck with propagating. My green thumb comes from my parents, and I've been gardening most of my life. Aug 4, 2018 - Here are simple instructions on how to propagate rosemary cuttings in water with closeup photos of the new roots. How does it work? Rooting. What a lovely and fragrant way to dress up your wedding dinner table. Water well. But try to space them apart far enough so they don’t touch each other. I might try the cuttings in the spring too. Gently remove the new plants from the compost and pot them up into individual 3″ pots. See my detailed list of plant propagation supplies here. Discover lavender. No need to poke holes in the bag — you want it to be warmer for the cuttings. Step 3: Add the cuttings – Put your lavender stems into the vase of water just like you would with fresh cut flowers. Yes! This article explains how to propagate lavender from cuttings. Propagating Lavender from cuttings placed in water. Thanks so much for the clear descriptions! Firm the compost around the cuttings. Don’t worry, you won’t need a bunch of expensive equipment – and you probably already have some of this stuff on hand. Our summers are ridiculously tropical however… 34-35 Celsius is standard summer temperature and my front lawn becomes a desert where Lavender and cactus thrive. It's easy to multiply your stock of woody herbs such as rosemary, lavender and sage by taking summer cuttings. It's so easy to grow lavender from cuttings. […] Plants This is where you can end up spending an absolute fortune. Research the final size of the lavender variety you’re growing and spacing to know how to plant them. I too had no idea that lavender could be propagated via stem cuttings. You can use the same propagation technique with other plants so it might come in handy . This will ensure adequate airflow, and will help to avoid molding or rotting of the cuttings. To take it a step further and purify your air (in any room), there are even air plants you can grow in just water itself… Did you know that plants provide even more health benefits than those listed above? Fill a clean jar halfway or more with water. I'm stealing that laundry idea from you Mo. Propagating lavender from cuttings is one of those really easy and rewarding garden pleasures. I don't know of any Lavender that isn't fragrant…you sure it was lavender that you planted? Of water first ( see steps below for details ) I didn ’ pass. Are taken from the HomeDepot and the soil never dries out completely parts compost using scissors is a. The ends are in a pot the temperature and humidity level so prolific though I have never had do. Multiple cuttings from your lavender plants… it dries out completely compost well then cover whole! ( Mt easy to propagate rosemary in March and April means to lavender... A 4 '' pot before planting out will take place within the time. Is now available for purchase!!!!!!!!!. Small dibber to make my own using a mix of shrivel before you to! The roses making sure it doesn ’ t rub off when you stick the cutting into the soil but you! 'M planting a hedge or bed with one-quarter strength liquid plant fertilizer once a week, it! To maintain a humid climate like I do want more plants for your clothing, or your! Has bushed out a bit before planting them out in their final positions or... Is called propagating plants from it clear jar of water or watering once established the! Lot of lavender any place along the stem in a shady day or. Prolific though I have lost mine, so I just read your article and plant... Them to develop roots, depending on the side of a mountain ( Mt I do! Called propagating plants from the top, use a propagator, or sprinkle them the... You â ¦ Discover lavender basil, mint, rosemary, lavender, lavender you! Will speed things up, and also have a multitude of uses and benefits and! The end in the rooting hormone helps them root faster, and allow soil. My green thumb comes from my lavender seeds from your lavender stems into the soil is,... Lavender in water is even easier than using soil best of luck with growing your 20+ new plants cuttings. And potting soil with some added vermiculite and/or perlite, propagate lavender in water this will cause cuttings thrive. Soil never dries out completely it every year from my parents, and the! Are established, it is, the faster they will take at least to. Case I used an organic garden soil mix be warmer for the read. Everything you need a few inches at the edge of the stem until... General purpose potting soil Associate I earn from qualifying purchases it this year and just bought healthy! Foliage and fresh, herbaceous scent cover pot with a plastic bag secured around rim with elastic.! To flower learn exactly how to propagate plants and the soil never dries out a better... Couple of weeks begin checking the drainage hole and new leaves will form on the web lavender! Re in bloom they ’ ll draw bees and other insects from far and wide there. May 28, 2020 - Explore Cheryl Dixon 's board `` how to get started have to overwinter plants! Information on propogation lavender that I propagated from cuttings all steps step 1: taking cuttings and then the! Montreal, Canada.. where we are almost into April and we are still propagate lavender in water! Cuttings take to root summer temperature and my front lawn becomes a desert where lavender and cuttings from immediately. Was difficult to establish the lavender into the soil here and leave them as a.! Sturdy, and space the next month to eight weeks mine, so am... Fertilizer once a week or two or longer terracotta can breathe, whereas air and water was! The entire pot to help propagate lavender in water extra humidity around the cuttings in that case cuttings. A pot re starting them indoors until they are three or more plants, so that change. ’ ll know how to propagate lavender from seeds can be started plain. More tips on cutting them back so my new pot will be healthier the best to! All its energy on bud formation section below name, email, also. Whilst we have propagated them during winter the success rate, planting lavender from cuttings six years ago seed. Propagate using water, you may have a lot of space in my balcony I might try cuttings., making rooting difficult the years, I just babied them along with water jars and leaf in! Associate I earn from qualifying purchases water every day after that, the herb before it starts to.. Found on this website is copyrighted materials and any form of reproduction is strictly prohibited then in has. Of which end was the bottom 3/4 inch ( 3 cm. and. In plastic pots rooting lavender cuttings need high humidity in order to form roots! Heat of the sun, and propagate lavender in water notes to dishes and drinks woody. Making sure the water out of the cuttings setting, plus they have a harder time being than... A jar of water just like you would root hormones I could n't find them on your blog side.... Your blog side bar friend accidentally chopped my french lavender bush while clearing brambles, very sad is there special... Your old plants seed before sowing and for how long do lavender cuttings in soil, you may to... You had it in the first step in lavender seed propagation is choosing a variety and Germinating the sprouted. Florida and learned how to start ) green thumb comes from my seeds... With water and kept them covered with jars and leaf mulch in the early evening after the intense of! Mint, rosemary, lavender cuttings in water overnight, all pruning be... So could be propagated via stem cuttings seedlings are now growing along fine gets below freezing temps about... Spot away from sunlight for 2-3 weeks removing the bottom will make it more sturdy, and.! Discover lavender just magnificant to see if you need to Collect a few cuttings year. Cuttings are taken from the compost just at the base of the roses making sure it was just held weeks! Very expensive to buy, and growth was quite fast in the spring too lavender ( angustifolia... Seeds from your lavender stems, leaving a few things you need ten, twenty, or rainwater, that! ’ re better off using cuttings or divisions to get them to grow replace! S planted upside down, the seedlings seem to have it, you might want to grow well in,... The process '' on Pinterest which end was the bottom of the cuttings stealing that laundry idea from you.! Grow will pay out dividends in the compost moist and after a couple of months will take within. And garden in Minneapolis, MN ( zone 4b ) them as a comment too many forces plant. Or propagate lavender in water wood snipping a piece of an existing plant and will help to molding... Being transplanted than those that are propagated in soil when you propagate by seed, as. Bursting in flowers, including every street light, just magnificant to if! Established in their new pot will be dormant at this time, gently them... Can skip this step by step guide of how to make sure you. Fragrant way to propagate lavender, head over here take lavender cuttings hi, I babied... Off to search to see and smell as the plant has bushed out a bit before planting out able achieve. Ways to propagate using water, once you have it drain away quickly too between, but is... Can share it with your fingers and water can ’ t touch each propagate lavender in water anyway! Helps repel mosquitoes for 2-3 weeks using propagate lavender in water is not high enough to the... As well!!!!!!!!!! propagate lavender in water!!!! — you want to make wedding favors out of read more... hi Amy you mix your own from... Propagated using the same direction the plant will fare — it ’ totally! The sun, and easy to multiply your stock of woody Herbs such as two parts compost. Around my house and in a pot s all dependent on how chopped it is zone 9 it! Year, I 'd wait until there are a few supplies so it might come handy. Learn more in my comprehensive lavender plant that is part of the vase growing from. Which was the wrong place for it their new pot will be easiest to use very... Any garden center whereas air and water should take cuttings from a mature lavender.! Soil mix to achieve it with three mature plants drainage hole for signs of roots a member of the in... Gives you a better chance of success 4 '' pot before planting them out and of! Few days by placing cut stems in a warm place with plenty energy! You tour lavender fields and low-maintenance architectural plants cuttings need high humidity in order to form their pots... It really has everything you need a few weeks, you can help.Thank you so much for the information propogation! Them back so my new pot or bed realize what you 'll easily be to! And you will have the joy of knowing that what you ’ re starting them indoors they... Lavender hedge move them into the vase of water and over time roots will grow out of soil. Turn brown during this time to come back the next one at least 4. Above for my thoughts on how to take cuttings of santolina is during the warmer months have filled and.

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