I have been smoking perique american spirits exclusively for about 2 years now but I want to step away from cigarettes. What's this? Blend Type. An old curing process taught by Choctaw Native Americans to French colonist, Pierre Chenet, Perique is still solely produced today in St James Parish, Louisiana. You may be interested to know what pure Perique tastes like, if you’re going to smoke it neat, use a small bowl and take it steady! Brand. There are people who smoke it pure (myself included) and the experience is just fine. None. Atypical tobacco, it is originally a type of Burley which, after the traditional air cure, undergoes a long process of double fermentation, obtained by successive periods of maceration of the leaves in its own pressure-squeezed juice. Grown and cured by a small farm in rural Saint James Parish that has been producing high quality barrel-cured perique tobacco for generations. This is pure Louisiana Perique that’s been cut and is ready for blending. McConnell Pipe Tobacco Shopping . McCONNELL REGENT STREET 1.76oz 2MCRS. Cultivated by farmer Percy Martin in Grande Pointe, Louisiana it … I have always enjoyed perique but after seeing the comments im a little nervous to buy some which was my plan when i bought my first tobacco pipe tonight. Strength i STRENGTH: the overall strength of the tobacco. St James Perique, a rare American pipe tobacco that is only produced in Louisiana, USA, using a special fermentation process that results in a unique flavour that is unlike anything you’ve tasted before. To contain the Perique leaves in maceration, are used barrels previously used for Bourbon aging. You wanted to blend it with something, and there were numerous message board threads on things to try. Style: Non-Aromatic, Straight/Pure Components: Perique Cut: Loose cut Packaging: Tin Weight (content): 100 gr / 3,53 oz Brand: My Own Blend Product no : MOB 20 Pure Perique A fine blend of pure Perique. Perique Black tobacco: A strong and dark tobacco. Zum Inhalt springen. Flavoring. back in the early days of N.E.T. Additive Free Chemical Free Pure 100% Leaf Extract This product is an … Pipe Locator Tobacco Locator Cigar Locator. This long fermentation produces a very strong flavour and allows infusion of natural spicy flavours from the heavily seasoned trunks. No 08 Navy Full Cut Blending Tobacco. R100.00 SKU hb19-50 . McConnell premium pipe tobacco. The result is a very strong tobacco with spicy tones. Aromen / Flavour; Bücher / Books; Pfeifen / Pipes Cut. Free Shipping on orders over $95! Weight: Quick view . Filter We sat down and chatted with Mr. Ryan recently so he could tell us the story of Perique tobacco. Weight: Quick view . Free shipping! mainly for religious and medicinal practices. By continuing to use the site, it is deemed that you accept their use. Pure Perique is only suitable for mixing with other tobaccos -- … Pure Perique: A touch of this will add spice to any tobacco blend. We regret that due to new credit card rules we can no longer ship tobacco leaf products to the USA. There are many kinds of tobacco including Bright leaf, Burley, Cavendish, Maryland, Turkish tobacco, Perique, Oriental, Shade, White burley, and Wild tobacco. I like Perique. Sold Out We apologize, but this item is temporarily out of stock. Stock up with free shipping from TobaccoPipes.com. Though if you roll it into a cigarette it will turn the paper the same color as the tobacco during the smoke! Weight: Quick view . R220.00 SKU hb20-50 . Perique (/pəˈriːk/) is a type of tobacco from Saint James Parish, Louisiana, known for its strong, powerful, and fruity aroma. It has a strong peppery and fruity taste, and smoking it alone would be like drinking hot sauce or eating raw onions. All of these are detailed in our privacy policy. We have sent cookies to your computer so as to allow this website function properly. In the UK, American Spirit rolling tobacco comes in Blue (regular) or Yellow (light). Perique Tobacco. Exceptionally rare, 100% genuine whole leaf Saint James perique tobacco. R220.00 SKU hb20-50 . You are welcome to mix pipe tobacco brands and flavors as desired as long as you meet our minimum order weight. Natural American Spirit also offers several "Roll Your Own" tobaccos in tins and pouches. R100.00 SKU hb59-50 . Exceptionally rare, 100% genuine whole leaf Saint James perique tobacco. ... McCONNELL PURE PERIQUE 1.75oz 2MCPP. Home / Products tagged “pure perique”. A tough guy for tough vapers. I have smoked it in a wide variety of blends which container Perique. McCONNELL READY RUBBED 1.76oz 2MCRR. Enjoy the consistent quality of McConnell’s Pure Perique. McCONNELL RED VIRGINIA 1.75oz 2MCRV . Home; Cigars. In 2005, the L.A. Poche Perique Tobacco company was purchased by Mark Ryan, and a new era for Perique began. A Pure Perique is 100% Louisiana Perique. Add some sweetness, spice and body to your smoking blend. Cuban Cigars. Since it may be considered too strong to be smoked pure, it is usually mixed with Virginia, English mixtures or Burley. No products in the basket. Here Gawith’s present to you a pure, unadulterated, ribbon cut Louisiana Perique for the confident home blender. The Perique tobacco extract keeps all the precious characteristics of this fantastic tobacco… Any tips or recomendation for a newbie like me. True Perique tobacco is grown in only one place: St. James Parish, Louisiana. Strength: Room Note: Taste: Your Price. Product Number: 003-042-0008. You are welcome to mix pipe tobacco brands and flavors as desired as long as you meet our minimum order weight. Skip to content. Notify me when this product becomes available! Loose or tinned pipe tobacco orders- minimum 1100 g total. McConnell: Pure Perique 50g. This includes the strength of its taste and its nicotine content. This is 100% genuine Perique, aged and fermented in hickory whiskey barrels for 5 years which gives it its fruity, slightly vinegary aroma. Novel at first, then overwhelmingly "Perique", in other words it was the real deal. I have smoked St. James Perique and I have smoked Acadian Perique. Tobaccos. 's there was a pure Perique juice. I've heard perique described as having fruity fig and plum like flavour/aroma and while I can pick up the dark fruit elements at the base of the scent, overwhelmingly this hits me with the far less desirable smell of fish food! Gesamt: € 0,00 Alle Produkte. No products in the basket. Be careful, though; a little bit goes a long way. Email Us | (888)366-0345 Account Login Create Account. What gets me are all the myths, mysteries and misinformation surrounding Perique tobacco which persists to this day even though numerous articles have been written explaining … Perique is a bit of a luxury, it adds a totally unique character to any blend that cannot be equalled by any other leaf but it comes at a price so it is not used in abundance. Strong. McConnell’s Pure Perique is 100% Louisiana Perique, slowly fermented multiple times under pressure in whiskey barrels, and is a welcome addition to many blends if you want to add some sweetness, spice and body. Not what I expected would be an understatement! Perique by itself is an acquired taste. Blending. I have smoked pure, unadulterated Perique. This tobacco has an intriguing history, and it adds a delectable nuance to many different blends. Blending Tobacco - Pure Perique. The Perique is a rare American tobacco exclusively produced across a few acres in Louisiana allowing the tobacco to brew under pressure in empty tree trunks and helping it to mature its full taste. Pure Perique is usually used to enhance another blend. When the Acadians made their way into this region in 1776, the Choctaw and Chickasaw tribes were cultivating a variety of tobacco with a distinctive flavor. Smoking the “real” Perique from St. James Parish seems unlikely because Perique is used in tobacco blends like a condiment in food. A touch of McConnell's Pure Perique will add spice to any tobacco blend. It is utilized with extreme parsimony (up to the 5%) in the mixtures, as if it were a precious spice. Our extensive inventory includes premium cigars, European pipes, pipe tobacco, cigarette tobacco and smokers accessories.

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